I want to make my home more... energy efficient, green, comfortable

How do I get started? 

Your future is looking bright:



Valley Energy Solutions will conduct a site visit to assess your current electrical usage, property, and access to a clear southern view. We then determine the appropriate location and size of system to best meet your energy needs.



Next we begin drafting an estimate for your system and find all available incentives. We then schedule a follow-up visit to discuss a final contract agreements.


Construction & Implementation

We will commission the system, finalize incentives paperwork, and register the system with the state and your utility company. Our technician will walk you through the operation and explain safety procedure. You will now have a clean durable power system that will help provide financial wealth and freedom for decades.



solar panels 1

Last year our January bill was for $317 and this year it was estimated for $223. Last year our February bill was for $365 and this we got a credit of $30. Thank you for the cost savings. -Eric

Why Valley Energy Solutions?

Valley Energy Solutions residential energy auditing services focuses uniquely on complete home energy audits for the builders and homeowners:

  • RESNET Certified Technicians
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Building-Science Principles


Builders Choose Valley Energy Solutions

Valley Energy Solutions helps builders audit plans and makes valuable recommendations on building a more energy-efficient home. Building an Energy Star Home adds value to the home and may help buyers qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

  • Qualify your homes for Energy Star Certification
  • Reduce callbacks from customer comfort and utility bills
  • Diversify your marketing portfolio for environmentally conscious buyers



Increase Your Home’s Comfort

The exterior of your home—the outer walls, ceiling, windows and floor—is called the “envelope” or “shell.” Improving the envelope by sealing and insulating can make your home more comfortable, especially under extremely hot or cold conditions, and help lower your energy bills. Learn more!
Energy Audits can save homeowners money - ABC News

We highly recommend a Valley Energy Solutions energy audit and strongly recommend them to perform the household improvements! -Janet & William R., Canfield, Ohio